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Universal Studios Florida (Orlando) Review

Universal Orlando Resort, commonly known as Universal Orlando or simply Universal, formerly Universal Studios Escape, is an American theme park and entertainment resort complex based in Orlando, Florida. The resort is operated by Universal Parks & Resorts, a division of Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

A 2-min walk from the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

Phone+1 407-363-8000

RidesHogwarts Express

Opened: June 7, 1990

Founded: June 7, 1990

CEOThomas L. Williams (Sep 1999–Mar 16, 2022)

Parent organizationsUniversal Parks & ResortsNBC


SubsidiaryWet ‘n Wild Orlando


Feb 2022

Universal was fun and the rides are great. Nice that you have shaded areas to wait for the rides…Wish the extras – food and games were not so expensive, but it was good.

Both my wife and I are seniors but we had a blast. We enjoyed all the Harry Potter displays and rides but also had a blast at many of the other exhibits. I think we became addicted to the Butter Beer. It’s best warm but cold and iced are also scrumptious. Some advice. Parking is $27.00 per day so if you are going to be there for more than 3 days, purchase at least one preferred annual pass. Gives you free parking. We ended up buying the two Annual passes and we took a friend a week later for a few days. You also need to get tickets for both parks, otherwise you miss half the fund. Word to parents. Sell the kids before going. Otherwise, take out a small home loan. All the Harry Potter stuff will max out your Credit Card. But it’s so much fun.

My husband and I went to Universal. My husband is 6’2” and around 260 pounds. He is not “fat” by any means, but he has a bigger chest, broad shoulders, and extremely long legs. There were multiple rides that he could not ride at all due to the length of his legs or the thickness of his chest. Those rides included Dr. Doom’s Fearfall, Hogwarts: the Forbidden Journey, Hagrid‘s motorbike adventure, and Harry Potter escaped from Gringotts. We are both huge Harry Potter fans and were most looking forward to the Harry Potter rides, so not being able to ride anything Harry Potter related was super frustrating . The main problems were that there was just not enough length for his legs for him to be securely into the harnesses or safety measures they had in place. Even the seats that they said were made for taller people did not work (although I did not notice much of a difference in the size from the accommodation ones than the regular ones). He had to be pulled off of multiple rides after waiting in line. On one ride in particular (Hogwarts) the worker was super rude about it and said “Youjust won’t ride today! Get off!“ It was extremely embarrassing and therefore a huge letdown for the trip there. We did go to guest services and the lady there was extremely nice. She gave us a refund on our Xpress unlimited passes we had bought since we were not gonna be able to use them and get our moneys worth. However at that point we just wanted to be able to ride things. Money does not make up for huge disappointment. I have read multiple other reviews now saying that they are not accommodating to people who are on a larger proportion. I have read that a 40 inch waist or more cannot be adequately accommodated. It seems like they want you to be 150 pounds and 5 foot six in order to ride their rides. Which is not the majority of the population. Just wanting to let other people know in case there are others who are similar heights or have similar proportions to my husband. Do not waste your money on universal and got it to Disney instead!