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Pizzeria Arrivederci 

Enjoy Our Food Experience

Let yourself be tempted by our succulent Italian specialties. Specialized in pizza, we invite you to rediscover our great classics such as the Margherita or the 4 Stagioni as well as our original creations such as the Arrivederci pizza or the Crudaiola. Our menu also offers you the opportunity to savor delicious salads, pasta and typical desserts revisited.


Pizzeria Arrivederci

Our Pizzaioli chefs put all their love of cooking into the creation of all the dishes. You travel directly to Italy thanks to our quality products directly imported from Italy.

From appetizer to dessert, all our cuisine is homemade in order to bring you incomparable taste flavors.

Pizzeria Arrivederci

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Open Hours
Tuesday10am–11 pm
Wednesday10am–11 pm
Thursday10am–11 pm
Friday10am–11 pm
Saturday10am–11 pm
Sunday10am–11 pm
Monday10am–11 pm
Opening times

539-541 Kingsbury Road Kingsbury, London NW9 9EG England


+44 20 8204 8770