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30+ Summer Swirl Nails You Need To Try!

Today on Kubiti we’re sharing 30+ Summer Swirl Nails you need to try!  Swirl nails seem to be everywhere right now and I’m personally loving this trend!  It’s such a fun design that can looks so different depending on the colors you use.

Below, I’ve rounded up 30+ of my top swirl nails.  Whether you’re trying to create fun new designs at home, or at your local salon there’s a style in here for you!  

Remember, feel free to pin any of the images below to recreate all of these designs in the future!

1) Warm shades by Nails and Soul

First up we have summer brights!  I wanted to include a really bright nail design in this post since, the colors are perfect for warmer weather!
This teal color is so pretty for summer!  It’s a basic swirl pattern but the color gives it a little pop!

3) Shades of Purple by Nail Chark  

Spring Indie

4) Sunsets and Oceans by Rice Kitty Nails

These are the perfect vacation nails!  They remind me of the ocean and the sunset. 

5) Acrylic Swirls by Karolina Mejzi

This is a great example of how neutral nails can be jazzed up with some swirls!

6) Pastel Swirls by Over Glow Edit

These short pastel nails are so fun and retro!  Retro nails are coming back in full force and this design is really pretty!

7) Rainbow Swirls by Joely Ocean Nails

This design is one of my favourites!  I love the rainbow swirls for summer, it’s such a fun nail design.

8) Watermelon Stripes by Evie Glows

Summer screams watermelon to me so these nails are prefect for July and August!  I love this color combination together, it’s so pretty!

9) Almond Swirls by The Hot Blend 

These pastel swirls look so prefect on these almond nails!  All the colors really compliment each other. 

10) Retro Swirls by Joely Ocean Nails

This is a color combination I would have never put together but they work so well!  I love the retro vibe this design gives off. 

11) Abstract Swirls by Natalie Holt

Natalie is giving us a different take on swirl nails with a more abstract design! 

12) Neutral Nails by Amy Le

If you love neutrals and pinks this is the design for you!  These colors are so pretty together. 

13) Summer Yellow by Pardon My French Nail Bar

I personally love wearing yellow nails in summer and this design is so cute!  I love the yellow and white swirls together.

14) Casual Swirls by Amanda Sudol

Amanda is bringing a fun pastel take on the swirl trend!  These would look cute all year round!

15) Swirl Nail Tips by Nails by Georgia

Love these fun swirl tips!  If you aren’t looking for a full swirl nail this is a cute alternative.

16) Neon Nail Swirls via Nail Sunny

Got to love some neon!  These swirls schema summer to me. 

17) Green Swirls by Amy Le

Love all of Amy’s nail designs and this green swirls are stunning!  All of the colors really compliment each other. 

18) Summer Peach by Nails by Georgia

These swirls remind me of the sunset, they’re so pretty!  Also, love the little gold glitter detail. 

19) Matte Swirls by Learnah Starbuck

Summer is for bright colors and these are stunning!  I love the different shades of swirls, its a really nice design. 

20) Candy Swirls  Felicia Dee

These pretty rainbow swirls looks so good on longer nails!  Perfect way to add some uniqueness to your mani. 

21) Pink Power by Indies Beauty Room

I’m a sucker for pink nails and this is such a fun trendy nail design!

22) 90s Vibes by Amy Rickaby

Looking for a fun rainbow design!?  These rainbow swirls are so much fun!

23) Neutral Brown Swirls Felicia Dee

If you want a great neutral design, these brown swirls are awesome. 

24) Tangerine Swirls by Viva Las Nails

Had to include some tangerine nails in this post because in my opinion this is the best color for summer!

25) Ombre Blue Swirls by 𝐁𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐲 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥

Loe combining two trends of ombre and swirls!  The shades of blue are so perfect for warmer weather. 

26) Tortoise Shell Details by Amy Rickaby

Love the little touch of tortoise!  It adds a little fun details to these swirls. 

27) Black and Whites by Lomana Gel

These cute spotted swirls are a great natural option!  Whether you go for black or white they’re both so cute. 

28) Sorbet Swirls by Painted by Stacey 

These fun sorbet nails are the perfect colors for summer!  I love how Stacey combined the pink and yellows together. 

29) White Swirls by Gloss La

Classic white swirls look good all year round.  I love how this design looks really delicate and pretty. 

30) Green on Green by Painted by Stacey

I haven’t seen too many green nail lately so I thought I would throw in these green swirls!  The color variations really make this design unique. 

31) Bubblegum Swirls by Natalie Holt 

Had to include some fun pastel swirls!  These nails are a show stopper for sure.

I hope you enjoyed all of these swirl nail designs!  They’re so fun for summer.