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El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant at 2976 N Lake Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31909.
Comfortable restaurant featuring classic Mexican fare, combination plates & drink specials.

What Our Customers Are Saying.


I got my order to-go and it was ready in 10 minutes.  They give you Salsa and chips with your to-go order, too! I got the Quesadilla Supreme (one chicken and one beef) and the Shrimp Enchilada.
The Shrimp Enchilada is really simple, small shrimp wrapped in a corn tortilla and smothered in queso.  Omg the queso was so good and some of the best I’ve had in awhile.
The Chicken Quesadilla was my favorite, it was just seasoned chicken and the yummy white cheese that Mexican restaurants use.  The ground beef in the other one was good, but I think there wasn’t as much cheese.  Next time I would just get the chicken one.  The rice is pretty good too.
All very good!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We reserved about 30 seats for my daughter daughter’s birthday dinner. When we arrived it was almost ready which was great, they brought chips and sauce out right away, the waiter got our drinks. Everyone else started to arrive the wait staff was just phenomenal, if you needed anything they were right there and got it right there for you. We like the waiter so much we even gave him some birthday cake. The food was hot you can hear the fajitas Sizzlin like crazy, no one was complaining about the food at all we are all very pleased with the employees and the food and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. But let me tell you this the drinks as in alcohol drinks are strong I got a Long Island Iced Tea and also a whiskey sour I was feeling it pretty good.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I came here on a date after hearing him talk about how good the food is. He most definitely did not lie. I got the vegetarian meal with the cheese quesadilla and the enchiladas and it definitely lived up to the hype. Also the margaritas are A1! I’d say get the larger of the two and add the peach or mango flavor and you’ll be walking out a happy human. You’ll thank me later

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Address: 2976 N Lake Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31909
Tel: +17063175900

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