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The Newest and Most Popular Hairstyles for Women


1. Edgy Undercut

Ask Halle Berry, who just debuted an undercut at the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards. An undercut, similar to the one Scarlett Johansson rocked in 2015, is returning to fashion. Whether you opt to shave the sides or the back, the undercut is “badass with a feminine twist,” according to Clariss Rubenstein, a Los Angeles-based hairdresser who adds that it can be worn with short or long hair. “Foremost things first, choose your desired appearance,” she advises. “Have your hairdresser undercut your hair using clippers so that the short section is precisely even and the rest of your hair is a length and style that complements your face shape.”

2. Full-Fringe Shag

If you want a new look but are hesitant to chop off your long hair, Avery Z recommends the “full fringe shag,” as shown above. Think of it as the modern equivalent of the XL shag. She thinks it would be perfect for anybody who wants to wear their hair up but needs some form to set off their features. It’s ideal for those who want to make a change but aren’t ready to make a long-term commitment. Ask for a cut with layers, volume, bangs, face framing, and length if you want your hairdresser to know you want a shag like this. Bring something to gaze at, as is customary.

3. Short Layers

To that end, Brown reveals, “I expect to add a lot more layers to the hair in 2022). The layers of hair in this style are cut much shorter around the face than the rest of the hair (imagine a longer curtain bang). There are other textures that work well with this style, but Kaia Gerber’s is a great example. Brown adds, “This style is lovely when worn with [naturally wavy] textures and is incredibly simple to maintain.” This is a great way to drastically change your style without chopping off all of your hair.

4. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are an excellent choice if you prefer a softer fringe, even if sharp curtain bangs are still trendy and acceptable. Alex Brown, a hairstylist and salon owner headquartered in Chicago, believes that this retro look will make a return in the year 2022. She says the hair will be styled in numerous layers and have wispy bangs around the face to provide texture and movement. Allow Elizabeth Olsen to serve as an example. Brown opines that long, thick hair may benefit greatly from the added softness and movement provided by bangs.

5. Classic Bob

Hair industry icon Frédéric Fekkai predicted that 2019 will be a banner year for the big bob. In 2022, straight hair will favour short bobs with or without bangs, as predicted by Fekkai. Having just returned to her signature chin-length haircut, Selena Gomez is unquestionably setting the standard. Slightly longer in the front, the sliced bob is another version of the trendy cut that’s popular with hairstylists. New York City hairstylist Harry Josh claims that this technique is especially useful for those with “finer hair” since it results in a “cleaner line.”

6. The Bixie

Layers are the unifying factor across this season’s most requested cuts. Van Clarke claims that long bobs are a fad that eventually fades away because they seem flat and boring without any layers. With careful layering, you can keep the bob’s classic shape while giving it movement and versatility.

7. Modern Mullet

This updated version of the mullet is a lot less… extreme than the original style was back in the 1980s. Bryce Scarlett, a hairdresser who works on both coasts, adds that “[We are seeing] a lot more of them,” particularly in variations that are little longer. Take a cue from Miley Cyrus’s mullet from the year 2021; it has a gentle wave that elegantly frames her face.

According to hairdresser Sally Hershberger, “any face shape can wear this cut with confidence,” although she emphasises that those with broader faces would benefit the most from this particular style. She says that the way the hair is styled so that it frames the face will be the ideal compliment to this particular facial shape.

8. Long Layers

Not only can putting layers all throughout lengthy hair like Sofia Vergara’s lessen heaviness, but it also provides additional intrigue. This is particularly true if you have thick hair. According to Michael Van Clarke, a hairdresser based in London who also owns a salon, there is no better time than spring to have a trim if you want to get rid of flat, pyramid-shaped hair that doesn’t have any movement. He thinks that this cut looks great worn either wavy or straight, forward or back, edgy or refined, half-up or down.

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